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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Missing

This will be a pretty lazy post, since I've been busy tutoring and getting ready for my first classes tomorrow night and early this weekend. As in, 7:30 am Saturday and Sunday morning early. English teachers don't get glamorous hours here. I've enjoyed having all of the free time in the world to do some exploring and get used to the traffic here but, unlike the French, I do need to actually start working. It's much more productive than throwing rocks at policemen.

Anyways, on Tuesday I played football (soccer) with some other expats, mostly from various parts of the UK. As I got thoroughly dominated while hearing all kinds of British slang, I started thinking about what I miss about America. So, without further ado, here are 10 things I miss about the U.S. (in no particular order (this is by no means comprehenseive, either)):

 1) Playing FIFA with Matt and Kieran while coming up with ever-more colorful expletives every time a goal was scored.
 2) Riding my bike through Panther Hollow and onto the riverfront trails in Pittsburgh, especially this time of the year when the trees are changing colors.
 3) Napkins. For some reason most restaurants here haven't picked up on the whole "napkins at every table" thing yet. Instead, they give each diner an individually-wrapped wipe, and if you use it you will be charged, usually 2,000 dong. There is no hiding it if you use one either, since the employees watch the wipes like their life depends on it. Although the charge is only about 10 cents, I normally refuse to use them out of principle, unless I get some disgustingly messy meal.
 4) Going to Nonna Mia for 50% off bottles of wine on Mondays and the Bulldog on Canal for pint night on Wednesdays.
 5) Cooking out on Broughton St. with Matt, Bill, Joe, Anthony, Steve, Dick, John, Kieran and the rest of the Triad.
 6) College football on Saturday and the Saints on Sunday.
 7) Regular home-cooked meals.
 8) Petting my dog.
 9) Cajun and creole food.
 10) Being able to see bands I've heard of on a fairly regular basis.

Also, since there's no such thing as a perfect country, here are five things I don't miss about America:
 1) Glenn Beck. No explanation needed.
 2) Having to pay at least $10 for a meal almost every time you go out.
 3) Jersey Shore. Or anything on MTV, for that matter.
 4) Beers like Coors, Bud and Miller.
 5) Political campaigns. Trust me, I like democracy, but I feel sorry that all of you in the States have to suffer through the crap-flinging contest that is the run-up to any election. I'm sure it's really nasty right now with the midterms coming up.

I'm really looking forward to finally starting work, since I've kind of been a bum for the past few weeks. Students here can be great, so I'm hoping to have some fun classes. I mentioned that I've been tutoring, as well. My students are an 8-year old boy, Tan, and his 5-year old sister, Hong. They are adorable, although they often break out in French, since they are learning that in school, which is pretty humorous.
My next post should be more interesting and less selfish, since I plan on talking about students and what they are like in class. To conclude this fairly useless post, I present a video of a baby panda scaring the crap out of its mom. I just can't stop laughing at it.


  1. hahhahah Glenn Beck. you and me both brother.

  2. hey

    do you play soccer for a football team in Saigon or whats the situation ?

    look forward to your reply

  3. I replied to your other comment, I just play a pick up game twice a week, I'm not in a league.