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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The most bizzare Christmas scene of them all!

OK, so I lied about my last post being my last post before I leave for Malaysia. A couple posts ago I mentioned the strange Christmas decorations at the park I regularly visit to go swimming. Well, I went again today, this time with my camera, and I feel that I have to share the rather deranged display located there. It may look innocent and cheerful from a distance but, upon further inspection, this scene turns into a sinister mockery of everything that Christmas stands for. If you can't quite make out my facial expression in the above photo, it is one of utter confusion.

Let's see...where should I begin? There is the igloo, which for some reason has the giant head of a snowman sitting on top of it.
Not really sure what to call this.
Next up is the Christmas Cannon, a new holiday classic. Who needs Santa's sleigh to deliver presents when you can simply launch them out of a 15-foot long aluminum foil piece of heavy artillery?
Merry Christmas! BOOM!!!
Also, those two snowmen in front of the cannon look like they are straight out of one of the many "Calvin & Hobbes" comic strips where Calvin creates some horrifyingly graphic snowman scene.
They just look evil.
Another hilarious part of this scene are the Santa gnomes hanging from the trees. They all look like they are trying to hang themselves, but just can't quite get the noose around their little necks. I've never seen mass suicide fail so miserably...

You poor little bastards...
Finally, there is the little gnome sitting precariously at the end of the Christmas Cannon's barrel. I'm not really sure why he's sitting there, but he is sure to be blasted sky-high whenever that thing fires. Or maybe he's just finding a more efficient way to kill himself?
So, there you have it. Weapons, creepy snowmen, suicidal gnomes, an igloo/snowman amalgamation. All of the ingredients for the strangest Christmas scene ever created. If you've seen a weirder one than this, please tell me about it. Now, I swear there won't be anymore posts until I get back from Malaysia and Singapore.

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  1. The igloo with the Snowman's head wins!

    (Wonder if something like that could exist in Alaska, Greenland)