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Monday, July 18, 2011

Portrait of a Class

I'm in the mood for a lazy post, so here are some pictures of my adorable class of 5 and 6-year olds that finished this past weekend. They were one of the most eager classes I've taught, and some of my new "Favorite Students Ever" were in it (Yes, teachers pick favorites. It's a fact of life.), and they were quiet fond of me as well. I get burned out on teaching sometimes, but classes like this remind you how rewarding and entertaining it can be. (A note on the names - most younger students here are allowed to pick English names. It seems like they like it, and it makes life easier for teachers. It's much easier to pronounce 'David' than 'Ngoc' or 'Giang'.)
From left to right - Hanna, Peter, Kevin and Tom. Four of my favorites.

Hanna was absolutely adorable. She gave me a piece of cake on our last day!

Jerry hamming it up, as usual.

Paul and Helen loving "Toy Story 3".

Great class!

Last day. Yes, Asians really do love the peace sign.

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