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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good & Bad

I'm roughly halfway through my U.S. visit, and my time here so far has made me appreciate the good, and the bad, of both America and Vietnam. I miss Saigon right now, and I'll miss the U.S. once I leave. So, I'd like to do a run down of what I miss, and what I'm happy to be doing without, from Vietnam, and the same thing for America. (This post is by no means comprehensive.)

What I miss about Vietnam:
- Fresh fruit carts on every street, where you can get a bagfull of watermelon, pineapple, or mango for 50 cents.

- Driving my motorbike.

- All of the food on Vo Van Tan St.

- The pool in Binh Thanh that provides a wonderful respite from the chaos of the city. For $2.

- Free pool tables at many bars.

- Incredibly cheap bootleg movies and TV series.

- Children that scream "HELLOOO!!!" at you simply because you're a foreigner.

- The crackling energy of Saigon.

What I'll miss about America when I go back:
 - The quiet streets and clean air.

- Grocery stores with more than five types of cheese for sale.

- "The Daily Show", and "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations".

- Grass you can actually walk on.

- Bookstores.

- Women that aren't walking pencils, like most Vietnamese females. (I'm talking about figure here.)

- Craft beers.

What I don't miss about Vietnam:
- Rats.

- Murderous bus and taxi drivers.

- Millions of horns constantly honking.

- Endless red tape.

- Sudden monsoons.

- Hookers making propositions.

- Hawkers relentlessly trying to sell you useless garbage.

What I won't miss about America when I go back:
- Sickeningly partisan, obstructionist, and intellectually dishonest politicians.

- Regularly paying more than $5 for meals.

- Obnoxious SUV's.

- Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. (See: Item 1)

- Cops that won't take $10 to let you go. 

- And, finally, days in New Orleans when the heat index hits 115 degrees.

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