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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I wish all of you dear readers a Merry Christmas from Saigon! Here are a few messages taken from the Christmas cards my students made in class yesterday.

Not sure why the devil's there

Finally, here is the Christmas text Tham, the woman I rent my motorbike from, sent me. She is a lovely person, but struggles with sentence structure: "Hi dear! Merry christmas. I made a christmas wish for you...for a holiday full of pleasure. friends and family all around. and memories to treasure i wish for you a christmas filled. with joyous holiday cheer. i wish a very happy new year too (-: xxxx"


  1. I'm jealous! You eat a lot better food than I do in America. Also, it seems that they have better Xmas decorations. Albeit, there are no religious values that go with it.

  2. Damn it! The last comment was supposed to be for your 27th post...Ugh...Explorer!

  3. Oops! Well, I certainly don't eat like that every day, only for special occasions for the most part. Some of the decorations here may be better than in the U.S., but sometimes they are just weird. I'll have a post on that soon.