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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shameless self-promotion

I've mentioned a couple of times that I write for a Saigon-based magazine called AsiaLIFE. Written by expats (mostly) for expats, the publication features news on local and regional events; travel stories from around the world; restaurant reviews; and culture/lifestyle pieces regarding greater Saigon. Recent cover stories have included discussions on national road safety, the state of the Vietnamese blogosphere, and how to enjoy Christmas in Saigon (that's the latest one). I am currently an unpaid editorial intern at AsiaLIFE, but that doesn't mean I'm restricted to just a simple article or two per issue. In the latest issue I have four articles, so I figured I might as well engage in some shameless self-promotion and show you where to find my pieces.

AsiaLIFE's website is: http://www.asialifehcmc.com/. Individual articles are not posted on the site, instead the entire issue is put online. You can either open it as a digital reader, which allows you to zoom in to certain parts of pages, by clicking on the cover picture on the homepage; or by clicking on the 'Archives' tab and choosing to download the whole thing as a PDF. I have a piece called 'Street Smart', which features a different street every month, and highlights a few interesting or unique businesses on that street, on pages 15-17. I have a travel story on Kuala Lumpur on pages 30-31 (featuring my pictures); a recap of a laser tag game from 34-35; and a review of a high-end French restaurant on 42.

I also have articles in the four issues previous to the December one. If you're an expat in Saigon, or even elsewhere in Vietnam, AsiaLIFE is a great resource for things to do and places to go. You'll probably even learn a bit about the country you live in. Even if you've never been to Vietnam, some of the stories will likely interest you - the magazine is high-quality, and beautifully designed. Take a look!

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