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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tunnel Vision

On November 20 the Thu Thiem Tunnel, which runs from District 1 to 2 under the Saigon River, opened to traffic. This landmark project was a major milestone in the history of Saigon's development, and I'll write about it in more detail in a year-end round-up post next week. For now, I'll simply leave you with a rather shaky video I took from the back of my roommate's moto as we rode through the tunnel. I filmed another one in which I added some commentary, but the wind completely drowned out my voice, so this one should do fine. (You may want to turn your speakers down. There is a lot of wind noise.)

Just to put it in context - we enter the tunnel from the District 1 side of the new East-West Highway, and exit into the Thu Thiem Peninsula of District 2. It was bizarre to travel on a road and through a tunnel of this caliber, knowing that a turn onto any side street would immediately plunge us back into the cramped, chaotic streets that are more common here.

That area on the right that I turn the camera towards near the end is where the first major projects of the hugely ambitious Thu Thiem New Urban Area -discussed here: http://mike-alongthemekong.blogspot.com/2011/03/future-of -saigon.html - will be constructed.

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