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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flower Power!

At the risk of sounding a bit feminine, one of my favorite aspects of Vietnam's Tet decorations are the flowers that are displayed in cities and towns around the country. I'm not sure where or when this tradition started, but it sure is beautiful. I covered My Tho's flower street a couple of posts ago, and today I checked out some of Saigon's decorations. Perhaps the reason I like these colorful flourishes so much is that they add some much-needed nature to this polluted concrete jungle.

First up, here are a few shots from the alley I live in. Most of my neighbors are still out of town for the holiday, but they made sure to leave their yellow chrysanthemum (I think?) blossoms outside of their doors before they left.

This is just a cool decoration - appropriate for the Year of the Dragon
The rest of these shots are from the city's flower street, which ran down the middle of Nguyen Hue, one of the city's broadest roads. This flower festival was easily the best-organized event I've ever been to in Saigon - there was no trash on the ground, there was no obnoxious yelling or jostling, and all of the decorations were beautifully presented. Why can't they pull something like this off more often here?

"The Vomiting Flowerpot"

This blocks-long stretch of striking colors was rather impressive, and there was even a speaker system providing piped-in noises of songbirds, adding up to an overall great atmosphere. Sometimes Saigon really does work its charms on you...


  1. While Vietnam is big on masculity & feminity, but liking flowers does not make you feminine. That's totally an American concept. Asian men can compliment each other on their look and it doesn't sound "gay".

  2. Also, nice pictures by the way! Look at it make me miss Vietnam.

  3. Thanks for keeping an active blog. Miss Vietnam and can not wait to go back.

  4. That was mostly a joke about being feminine - I don't really care what people think. And thanks for the compliments - both Dragonheart and Missing Vietnam. Glad you enjoyed this.