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Friday, February 10, 2012

H2H Day 7: A Quickie

The 54km trip from Pho Chau to Huong Khe was pretty uneventful, and very short compared to the previous day: almost exactly half the distance. Once again it was a wet, grey morning...a sentence I'm getting tired of typing. I was out in front for a while before Tom S. passed me for good. There was some more nice scenery, although it wasn't really any different from what we had seen during the previous few days: rice paddies and misty hills.

I rolled into Huong Khe around 10:45, a little over two hours after setting off, and found Tom. We tried to find our hotel and failed, so we got some food and set our bikes by the road so people could see us as they arrived.
The town was actually quite pleasant, with a scenic lake I didn't get any pictures of and the nicest hotel we've stayed at yet. Our completion of the day's leg also meant we had officially finished one week of the ride, and logged about 550km on our bikes. Nearly everyone had a bump or a bruise to prove it, and most bikes were experiencing some sort of problem, though the severity of those problems varied widely. We were in good spirits, although some improved weather would have REALLY lightened the mood, and we were looking forward to another shorter ride to Dong Le the following day; a ride on which I nearly died.

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