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Saturday, March 3, 2012

H2H Through Video

I've been carousing far too much since returning to Saigon on Wednesday to compose an articulate reflection on the ride, so for now I'm going to post a number of videos from the trip. They include clips of cycling, celebrating, and reactions of locals to 19 Westerners wearing lycra.

1) While stopped on the big hill on our second day of riding, we were passed by a truck spewing black fumes across the road.

2) Me greeting students on bicycles in the middle of nowhere.

3) While stopped for lunch on Highway 1 we attracted a bit of a crowd.

4) The first of three clips from the wedding that Tin, Phong, both Toms, Chris, Johnny and I crashed in Do Luong.


6) We're really drunk by this point.

7) Roadside dance party in Dong Hoi.

8) The butterfly migration we rode through in the Central Highlands.

9) Riding out of Buon Ma Thuot.

10) Riding down Le Duan to the finish line.

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