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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Approaches

One of the things I really don't like about living in Saigon is that there are basically no seasons, at least not in terms of temperature. Sure, nights in December and January are a little cooler, but it's not like back home in the U.S. where the passing of seasons helps you keep track of how much time is going by. Here, the months turn into one big blur of hot days and warm nights, and time marches by without you even noticing it.

The two major seasons that do exist have little to do with hot or cold; they are the wet and the dry seasons. We've been in the dry for a while now, but it's obvious now that the monsoon season is approaching just in time for 'summer'. The past two or three weeks before last weekend were incredibly hot, and most days were brilliantly sunny, so bright even sunglasses did little to combat the sun's rays.

This weekend, however, massive cloud banks started to build up in the afternoon, and we have gotten some rain, along with booming thunder. Soupy humidity has become omnipresent. I'm not naturally a very heavy sweater, but when i exercise now I quickly become drenched in sweat. I went for a run this evening and looked like a wet dog afterwards. This humidity means moisture is building up, and soon that will be released in the form of torrential rain. Now I'm just counting the days, waiting for the rain to start. We need it too, since my neighborhood has been experiencing near-daily power cuts as the reservoirs providing electricity to the city are running dry.

Someday soon our daily schedules will become dictated by the rain, as we try to avid driving in the late afternoon, when there is the highest chance of storms appearing. Bring it on.


  1. It's funny, here in Minnesota we have recently gotten our first taste of summer (80 degrees) and some humidity. Funny thing is, the heat/humidity this past week gave me fond memories from my March trip to Saigon. :) And in past times where I wouldn't hesitate to turn on the AC, it didn't feel bad this time after being exposed to extreme Saigon heat! :P

    1. Yea the heat here does make summer in most places seem insignificant. When I leave I'm not exactly sure if it will give me 'fond' memories though, haha.

    2. When do you think you'll be leaving? Or are you planning on working there for a while?

    3. As of right now the plan is to stay for roughly another year so I can get more experience as a journalist. Not sure where I'll be going next, but I'll worry about that later in the year.