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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bangalore in a Blur - Part 2

After getting a few hours of shut eye we decided to give walking around the neighborhood we were staying in another try. We wouldn't have time to go into the city center since our flight to Goa was in the early afternoon and it would simply take too long to go into town, then back to the hotel, and then head to the airport.

Fortunately this exploration of the area was far more pleasant than the one from the day before. We avoided the major roads and wandered down some quiet, pleasant side streets which proved that not everything in India is insane. Ryan, Kevin, and Jobie bought some fresh coconuts to drink as we wandered aimlessly.

 A couple of shots from the area.
it wouldn't be India without cows
 As the time for our taxi pick-up approached we grabbed a typical South Indian breakfast from a local eatery: idly, which is made from lentil and rice, and dosa, along with the requisite chutney and sambar dips. The food was awesome, and cost about $3.

 We also came across two small but beautiful temples.

After looping around back to the villa we piled into a taxi for the lengthy drive out to the airport. Although that had been an enjoyable morning, by the time we left Bangalore our impression was that it wasn't a very pleasant place: the traffic was appalling, you could practically taste the pollution, and the nightlife seemed a bit odd. In hindsight, though, this isn't a very fair assessment. We saw very little of the city, and I have since found out that the new, hip areas, where giant tech companies like Infosys are headquartered (giving Bangalore the nickname of "India's Silicon Valley") and many affluent young people live, are well outside of the downtown area. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it back to Bangalore, but if I do I hope to give it a much fairer chance to impress. On to Goa!

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