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Monday, July 16, 2012

An actual conversation

Below is a real conversation I overheard yesterday between two flabby, balding, disgusting sexpats who are easily in their 60's (one Australian, one American).

I started paying attention around:
"My wife isn't happy about that."

"Yea, I'm on ex-wife number three."

"Wow that's worse than me - I'm only on number two."

"Yea, I'm great with the kids, but I'm no good at the marriage thing. I don't do well when they expect us to be...what's the word...there's a word for it...well, someone who doesn't screw around."

"Ah yea. Have you ever been to Thailand?"

"Ohhh yea, Thailand's one of my favorite playgrounds. 

"Yea same here."

"See I like to joke that I don't support same-sex marriage, since I don't want the same sex. I want different sex every night."

Commence vomiting. You do meet some really great people abroad, but you also run into some of the vilest, most morally corrupt sickos as well. Sadly such conversations aren't rare here. Call me old-fashioned, but if you ever hear me saying something like that please punch me in the face.


  1. I can never get my head round the whole prostitute thing either. I just can't fathom how you could not feel totally gross paying for sex.

  2. Yea I've never wrapped my head around that either.