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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night Shots

First set of night shots from my new apartment. These were all taken with a 15-second shutter exposure.
Looking out towards District 4 (across the canal on the left) and the rest of District 5 on the right
That big road is the East-West Highway

District 10
From my room - Districts 3 and 5
the Nikko Hotel, just three blocks from my old house

The only unfortunate thing about the direction our place faces is that you can't see the downtown skyline, but there is access to the roof of our building and I'm pretty sure you can get a glimpse from there. I'll have to head up there sometime this week. Still, not too shabby, eh?


  1. beautiful pictures. which camera did you use?

    1. Thanks, it's a Canon SX20 - almost two years old now.