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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday morning in the countryside

I'm setting the trail for next week's Hash House Harriers run, so this morning I went to neighboring Dong Nai province with two fellow Hashers to do some recon on the route. One of them gave me a ride, so I brought my camera along to get some pictures along the way. Below is a photo essay on what we saw.
A hazy early morning over the river
Heading down the Hanoi Highway and into the smog
We eventually turned onto the highway that leads to Vung Tau, and about 90 minutes after leaving District 1 we were in the midst of an enormous rubber plantation. It is surprising how quickly you can get out of the concrete jungle that is Saigon and into some really scenic areas.

There was a spotless, huge, and extremely serene temple complex next to the plantation.

driving through a forest of rubber trees

Workers drill a hole into each tree and cut a groove into the trunk. The rubber then drips down into bowls, where it is collected and stored in buckets.

another local temple
lovely flora
a refreshing break from the congestion of Saigon
 After spending a few hours scouting out the area we figured we had a good trail in mind, and headed back to the big city.
one of the major intersections on the highway back into town
Back into the development in District 2.
It's always nice to get a chance to escape from the city's chaos, even if it's just for a few hours. Saigon's tentacles of development are stretching inexorably into areas that used to be swamp or jungle, but there are still some fairly unspoiled places. The only downside of today was the amount of dirt and dust being kicked up by huge trucks and buses on the highways - by the time I got home I had so much dirt caked around my eyes that I looked like Alice Cooper. I also picked up an epic farmer's tan because I forgot to bring sunscreen. Oops.

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