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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

A few months ago I wrote a 3-day itinerary on Saigon for Unanchor, a travel company that contacts people living in cities around the world and asks them to create guides for travelers from a local's point of view. My itinerary has since been made available on the Kindle, and until tomorrow evening (Friday the 13th. Uh oh!) Unanchor is offering it for FREE, along with guides to 19 other major cities including Tokyo, Paris and New York. If you're planning on visiting Saigon, or even if you already live here, and you have a Kindle, go ahead and download it at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008CLOJ6K. And tell your friends! I'd appreciate the exposure. A lot of the stuff I've done with friends who have visited is included in the guide, and they all loved it here.

If you download my guide and take a look at it, please review it on Amazon, it will help attract attention to it and hopefully help me make some moolah in the future.

Also, here's a link to the list of all of the guides included in the sale: http://blog.unanchor.com/2012/07/unanchor-summer-sale-free-travel-guides-today-tomorrow-only/.


  1. Goodness, what a great tip! I just d/l about 12 of them, including yours of course, along with Sydney (just yesterday I nabbed a $287 ROUND TRIP Singapore/Sydney - check out "Scoot" airline's sale), plus... well why not pretty much ALL, as that's the best part about the Kindle, no?

    As I'm now based here in HCMC and likely to land in Bangkok, Seoul, Dubai, Manila or wherever most anytime, good to have a little glimpse of the highlights of each city on the Kindle.

    I look forward to your advice for Saigon - thanks!

    btw, I love your label "whoring myself out" ;)

    1. Yea I d/led about 17, I hope to visit pretty much every city on the list (I've only been to a couple) so I figured they may come in handy someday. That is an awesome deal to Sydney - I'm jealous!

      Hope you enjoy the guide!

    2. I believe the Scoot promo is good through today (the 13th): http://www.flyscoot.com/index.php/en/promo-fares-sin.html

  2. Great, Michael.
    I have downloaded your guide along with the other interesting ones.