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Saturday, August 4, 2012

International TV Superstar

Last night I made my debut on international television. Calm down, ladies. A couple of weeks ago I went to Yan TV, a local station aimed at young urbanites that seems to be a bit like MTV or VH1, with three friends and filmed part of  what we thought was some sort of program showing how cool cycling is. We had our bicycles and were all decked out in spandex. It turned out to basically be a 30 minute commercial for Revive, a drink made by 7UP.

When we got to the station they sat us down and went over some questions they would ask us on camera. They were thoughtful and we all thought we would get a lot of screen time, but once we went outside to be filmed they blew through just a few questions, barely allowing us to think out our responses. At the end of the "interview" the young woman who was in charge told the four of us to shout "FUN BIKE!" while jumping in the air. We said no, since that is retarded English, and ended up exclaiming "PEDAL POWER!" instead. Sadly, 'Fun Bike' was actually the name of the program...which they neglected to tell us. Hence nearly everything we did was edited out. The show aired last night and most of it consisted of a fat Vietnamese guy horsing around with some boy band on bicycles. Two of my friends did get some speaking time, and there is some footage of us riding around the canal in District 3, where they filmed us after the interview thing. (I'm in the green sunglasses.) Here's the link: http://youtu.be/4uy-DQK2gp0?t=5m52s

Next step: hire an agent


  1. pahahaha this is awesome. My preschoolers and I were on American Idol this season because a friend of mine was on the show. If you get a chance, google My Life in Vietnam American Idol Debut. Good stuff :)

  2. just reading the first line and thinking of your past post about people mistaken you for mark zuckerberg, i thought you were asked to do some look alike show hahaha...is Yantv a chinese station?

    1. Haha, that would've been amazing! As far as I know Yan is straight-up Vietnamese. Considering how hated China is here, I doubt they would allow stations from there to set up in Vietnam.