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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Seafood Feast

Last night my roommate Anthony and I met our friend Thinh out in District 7 for a seafood dinner. When most people hear 'District 7' they think of Phu My Hung, Lottemart and fancy apartment buildings, but Thinh led is into the area where he lives, an extremely Vietnamese neighborhood I had never seen before. It was clear that they don't get many foreigners in that part of town. We pitched up to Thinh's favorite BBQ seafood place and let him do the ordering. A feast ensued.

The first plate to arrive was a kilo of grilled octopus, something I hadn't had before. It was ridiculously delicious.
something I hope to have a lot more of in the future
Then a plate full of shrimp was set down. The first time I ate shrimp like this in Vietnam was January of last year in Da Nang, and the experience was not a good one - I ended up shitting my pants. And I mean that in the most literal way possible. Fortunately I've had no such problems since and dug in with gusto. (In case you're wondering I peel the shell off, as I was trained in New Orleans, though some locals don't.)
 Finally some grilled squid showed up, and at this point the young locals at the tables next to us proclaimed, "wow!" at the sight of three people eating so much food.
All of that food and two beers each cost less than $7 a person. After pigging out we relaxed for a bit to let our distended stomachs settle down. A little rat sniffed around under a nearby table and then scampered off. Thinh then said he had a bottle of Absolut at his house and invited us over to share some of it. Sadly he had no mixers so we ended up drinking straight vodka while I showed off my Vietnamese skillz on a whiteboard.

All in all a pretty great evening.

EDIT: Several people have asked for the name and address of the restaurant. I didn't catch the exact address because we rushed out as it started to rain, but I believe it is at the corner of streets 16 & 17 (Số 16 & Số 17), District 7. The place is simply called Huệ. It's not the easiest place to find, so taking a taxi would be a roll of the dice.


  1. can you tell me the address of that seafood place? Thanks.

    1. I think it's on the corner of Số 16 and Số 17 (streets 16 and 17), District 7. It's called Huệ.