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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Retiring The Gimp

I bought my bicycle, a black Chinese-made Motachie, about a year ago, when I began training for H2H. During the ride I decided to affectionately name it The Gimp, thanks to the myriad problems - brakes, gears, numerous flats, etc - that sometimes forced him to limp along. Despite these issues The Gimp made it all the way down Vietnam (well, until I got injured 5 days outside of Saigon) and lived an adventurous life afterwards. He flew to Singapore and Da Nang to take park in triathlons, rode to Ho Tram and Can Gio, and went on countless rides around Saigon, racking up several thousand kilometers of usage. Through all of the road filth, rain, careening buses and potholes he kept on trucking, making strange noises every now and then but always getting me where I needed to go.

Two weeks ago I was riding The Gimp to a meeting when I was run into by the most moronic, brainless driver in the history of humanity. Though the accident (which, of course, I got blamed for) was minor and I didn't even fall over, in his frail condition The Gimp simply couldn't handle the impact. As I rode away from the idiot that hit me, fuming mad, I noticed my front wheel was seriously wobbling. I tried changing it out for a new one this weekend, but there was still wobbling. The collision had bent the front fork that connects to the wheel. Like a horse with a broken leg, it was time to take The Gimp out to a field and put him down.

Sadly there aren't any fields in Saigon, so I'll probably just give The Gimp to someone on the street. He can still be ridden, but not for serious exercise. Yesterday I bought a new bike, the exact same model as The Gimp, but shiny and rust-free. I knew I would need to buy another bike before the next H2H in April, but I wasn't prepared to do it this early. R.I.P. The Gimp, 2011-2012.

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