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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Visual Day in the Life

Earlier this week I bought a cheap, practically obsolete iPhone 3. Apple's most recent OS update excluded the 3, so I can't even use any apps on it. The main thing I wanted though was the camera, and that works. Countless times I've seen something on the streets here and wished I had a camera to take a quick picture with. I'm not going to lug around my good camera all the time, and an iPhone is perfect since I can just whip it out of my pocket and take a quick shot. (By the way I'm on Instagram now, user name matatarski.) I'm hoping to get some interesting/entertaining pictures with it. To start, here is what my Thursday looked like through the unfiltered lens of a 4-year old phone.
Morning view at 8:15
Breakfast at the computer followed by editing
Heading down the street to my usual com tam place at 11:30

Eating pork, tofu and rice while watching the latest Modern Family and editing the last stories for the day.
Work's done, time to study some Vietnamese.
Heading out to my Vietnamese lesson. Finding the right bike in my building's garage is often a bit of a process.
mid-afternoon traffic

one of the city's prettiest streets
learning time
late afternoon traffic
makin' groceries

the store's parking lot
traffic into the sunset
at the door to my apartment
Dinner time - curry at Baba's
the Pham
10pm - Trivia night at Spotted Cow
Now it's time for bed, getting up early to go for a bike ride.


  1. Yep, I too grabbed an iPhone3 here in Dalat, and am quite happy with it. BUT I didn't realize until too late that sadly, you can't upgrade the OS, so several of my old apps (from my iPod Touch) didn't make the cut (no longer work). But there's still tons of apps in iTunes that are good with iOS 4.1 so do try some of those.

    Oh and, btw - pleeeeeze don't go whole-hog Instagram-crazy like so many these days. Remember, "less is more" - especially when it comes to tossing out a bazillion pics willy-nilly, just 'cuz you like your new gadget. ;)

    1. I'll have to check some of those apps out, thanks - I didn't think anything worked on it.

      And don't worry, I have no intention of going crazy on Instagram. I only took this many pictures for this post, I'll probably only take a few per week from now on. I only want to get pictures of the occasional funny/crazy thing you see here in Vietnam. I'll use my good camera for the rest.

  2. very nice. Please keep on posting more pictures of Saigon in your blog.
    What is the name of the street you claim to be one of the prettiest in the city?

    Be careful when carrying your DSLR. As you may already know there are a lot of robberies on the streets recently.

    1. It's Truong Dinh street, on the section that runs through Tao Dan park in District 1. I know all about the crime problem here, hence why these are phone pictures and not DSLR pictures - it's a real shame that you can't even use a camera here without worrying that some punk is going roar by on a moto and rip it away from you, but that's what life is here now. I've only taken my good camera outside once or twice.