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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Went for a leisurely afternoon cruise today, brought my camera along.

This first set is pictures of things that have either changed a lot since the last time I visited these areas, or simply didn't exist.

this pop-up neighborhood in Distrct 7 was a muddy field the last time I was out that way

there's even an international school in it

 Now for some random exploring. On the District 2 side of the river.
I'm no boat expert, but something doesn't look right here.
For some reason the city recently put up these enormous billboards on the riverfront. What an eyesore.
Something about drinking and driving.
This canal in Binh Thanh District is a perfect example of the striking dichotomy between rich Saigon and poor Saigon - tin shacks in the foreground, luxury apartments in the background.

Downtown's newest luxury mall, which I have no desire to see the inside of.
Two iconic shots to close out the post: