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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dog Meat Trade

This is a brief break from posts about my trip to Malaysia. There are two left, so I'll get to them next week. I wanted to share a picture I took while stopped at a red light today. In recent weeks I've defended Vietnam against the ridiculous allegations of Joel Brinkley, the Stanford Professor who wrote a bizarrely inaccurate portrayal of the country. There were nuggets of truth in his piece though, and one of them is that dog meat is consumed here. It certainly is not the 'meat of choice', as the vast majority of people here don't eat it, but there is certainly a trade in the product. Here is proof:
I realize it's probably rather hypocritical of me to blast someone for portraying Vietnamese people as vicious animal killers, only to post a picture of this a few weeks later, but I hope images like this raise awareness of the issue of the dog meat trade and convince people that it is a horrible thing. I've talked to numerous locals who find this just as disturbing as Westerners do. Hopefully one day everyone will feel that way.

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