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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gearing up

These past few days have been a frenzy of preparation for the bike ride. I sort of assumed that, since I did this last year, I would know exactly what needed to be done, but it dawned on me this week that I still had a lot to do. This is partly thanks to the fact that I am the head organizer of H2H this year, so I've been responsible for making sure 19 other riders are just as ready as I am, coordinating with our beneficiary charities, lining up logistics, etc. I finally started physically packing today. About half of the clothes I need are ready, and I just finished boxing my bike (I'm also taking up a spare team bike, hence the second box). At this point I just want the ride to start.
Unfortunately I've been dealing with a few health issues while doing all of this. I woke up with a sore throat on Wednesday, and yesterday the cold moved into my nasal cavity. For the past almost 24 hours my nose has been leaking like a faucet, and I'm just hoping this clears up before I fly up to Hanoi on Monday. I never get sick. Why now? And Thursday night, while playing football (the real, American kind), I pulled a muscle in my left leg, leading to a full-blown panic attack. Luckily two days of physical inactivity seems to have let everything heal up, as I was able to ride the spare bike to the shop today without incident. Let's hope this isn't an issue on the ride. I had enough problems last year, I don't want a repeat. Three days until we begin!

If you'd like to donate to H2H, please visit: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/michaeltatarski/h2h-charity-bike-ride-2013. All donations go directly to charities that work with disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

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  1. If you are stuffed up buy some decongestant before flying. You may get severe ear pain if your ears and nose are plugged.