HCMC Dining Guide

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Foodventures Continue

The weekly food explorations with my friends Mike and Vi have continued over the last few weeks, so here are the last two hidden gems we've found (though one isn't actually very hidden at all.).

First is Thiem Huy Mi Gia, located at 455 Nguyen Trai, D5. This stretch of Nguyen Trai is known as Saigon's cheap fashion mecca, with neon-lit jean stores as far as the eye can see, but there are some great restaurants sprinkled in as well. This place specializes in egg noodle soup served with braised duck leg. You can get the duck served dry on the side or wet in your soup. Both versions cost around 80,000 ($4), and there are a number of other dishes on the menu as well. The noodles and broth are very good, and the duck is excellent - succulent and cooked just right. Duck isn't something I get to eat very often, but it's possibly my favorite type of meat, so I'll probably be coming back at some point.

This past Tuesday we tried a much more off-the-beaten-path restaurant in District 6, a part of the city which I've only spent time in once or twice and is frequented by practically no expats. Gia Phu, located at 513/28-30 Gia Phu, sits near the entrance to a temple down an alley off a quiet street. This Chinese restaurant doesn't have an English menu, and it offers a number of dishes you rarely see here. We got a plate of fried rice; steamed broccoli with shrimp; a special egg roll, the ingredients of which I'm still unsure of; and an order  of thick udon noodles. Each dish was very good, and the egg roll in particular was very unique. We couldn't quite place the taste, but I really liked it. The total came out to around 120,000 ($6) each.


  1. looks delicious. I wonder how you know these hidden places...