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Monday, April 8, 2013

H2H 2013 Day 5: In constant danger of death

Day five began with our usual team stretching routine, but today it was infused with the antics of Hef, the rather lecherous owner of our hotel who was mentioned in my last post. There may have been ass slapping involved.

After that we returned to Highway 1 for a 60km cycle to the next road we needed. The weather the past few days has been dry but completely overcast, which makes for cool riding. I was actually a bit cold at points, and that didn't help my lingering sinus infection.

Highway 1 was, predictably, awful. The surface is largely in good condition and you can pick up some serious speed, but the unfathomably bad drivers you have to deal with make it hell. Massive trucks and buses constantly overtake each other, often leaving you with mere inches of space. There seems to be little concern for human life, and there were numerous close calls that left me equal parts terrified and seething. Here's a decent example of the traffic, though far from its worse:

After lunch at a grimy restaurant with pigs in the bathroom we turned onto QL7 towards Do Luong. The final 30km or so were through pleasant countryside with plenty of 'hellos!' and high-fives from children along the way. Do Luong's main road isn't paved, but it isn't anywhere near as rough as the one in Vu Ban. We hung around town and caused quite the commotion at a corner market when we tried to find some food. We take diversity for granted, and it's hard to comprehend how strange it would be for a bunch of tall foreigners to appear out of the blue. The rest of the evening consisted of some solid team bonding.

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