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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

H2H 2013 Day 6: Cruising through the countryside

The night before we had arranged for a man with a banh mi cart to prepare breakfast for us at 8. We met him at a corner in Do Luong after stretching and had a sandwich each - they were amazing, and we told him he should step up to the big leagues and ply his trade in Saigon. 
We then hit the road on a shortcut that the support van drivers knew about. I was skeptical, as they said the same thing last year and ended up adding 20kms to the day.
The route took us through lovely countryside and across a bridge before rejoining the awesome Ho Chi Minh Highway on our way to Pho Chau.

After some time on the highway I saw the first distance marker for our destination, which said it was only 20kms away. The shortcut had indeed worked, cutting almost 25km off our day. We only had 65kms to contend with, as opposed to almost 90.

It was beautiful cycling through rolling hills after that. The HCM Highway is our favorite road, as there is little traffic and the scenery is consistently amazing. There was one flat tire to help out with, but other than that we were problem free.
After tackling one short but steep little hill right outside of Pho Chau we rolled into town at lunchtime, happy to have knocked another riding day out. Everyone seemed to be feeling it physically at this point, which I assured them was completely normal. Fortunately the next two days would be short ones - just under 55km. On we ride!

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