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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I declared day 11 Hawaiian shirt day in honor of our coming day off, and the team responded with gusto.
We had a 100km ride from Cam Lo to Hue, most of which was on Highway 1. The ride was uneventful and devoid of scenery, though our return to the main highway meant plenty of exposure to drivers who seem to get off on blasting their horns and nearly running people over.

We arrived in Hue around mid-day and immediately hit the DMZ bar for a few celebratory beers. After nearly two weeks of cycling we had nearly 48 hours off. Thanks to a flash deal on Agoda we had gotten rooms at the swish Century Hotel along the Perfume River - instead of paying the usual $215 per night we were paying $40.
The day gradually devolved into debauchery, both in terms of food and drink. I went for an Indian lunch with a few riders and gorged on curry and naan. After several more hours of carousing most of the group ended up at Brown Eyes, apparently Hue's main Western 'nightclub'. We danced like idiots for a while before getting thrown out because the guys among us had taken our shirts off. The night got rather fuzzy after that.

I woke up on the rest day itself determined to take full advantage of Hue's dining selection. I had the hotel breakfast buffet; went to a French restaurant for lunch where I had a cheese platter and a 4-course meal; and then had an entire pizza for dinner. Safe to say I had plenty of carbs in me for the mountainous days to come. It was a great Hue-cation. (Hue is pronounced 'hway', not 'hue' as in a color shade.)

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