HCMC Dining Guide

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beef stew

One of my favorite Vietnamese dishes is bo kho, which is basically beef stew. Chunks of beef are simmered in broth until they are tender enough to break apart with a spoon, then served in a brown soup with carrot and herbs. You are also given a pile of bean sprouts and mint leaves, which you can add to your desire. There are two common types of this dish: bo kho banh mi, and bo kho mi. The former is served with a crispy baguette, while the latter is served on thin noodles. Since I'm a glutton I usually get both the bread and noodles.

Oddly, I don't actually eat this dish very often. I have no idea why. Last week a couple of friends took me to a cart that has some of the best bo kho I've had in Saigon. There is no address, it's tucked down Ho Thi Ky in District 10, in the middle of the flower market. To get there turn off Ly Thai To, take a left at the fork, and go for a couple hundred meters. Look for the stall on your left.


  1. Missed out on this one while I was there... Looks yum!

  2. Bo Kho is one of my favorite dishes. Some places give you too much tendon and connective tissue and hold back on meat. It's also sometimes available with egg noodles or rice. If you ask for rice many places will look at you like you're crazy, but it was offered in Soc Trang.

    1. Rice? I've never seen that with this dish before. Will have to give it a try sometime. This place definitely didn't skimp on the meat.