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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rainy days are here again

The rain is back. It isn't full-blown monsoon season yet, but several recent afternoons have been marked by massive thunderheads drifting over the city. Oddly, my neighborhood hasn't actually seen much rain, but I've watched from my bedroom window as other areas have gotten soaked. Two days ago I got caught in my first storm while driving this year - combined with rush hour it wasn't particularly pleasant.

This rain has reminded me that, after last year's wet season ended, I vowed to leave before the start of the next one. Indeed, I've been saying for several months that I would be heading out in July/August. I'm here to tell you that that won't be happening. Between my thumb operation a few months ago and expenses on H2H I've blown through a significant portion of my local bank account. I'm still fine, but I'd prefer to have more saved up before I pack up and move again (and I don't mean back home). So I need to work at least a few more months to make that money back and more, which is fine because I really like the work I'm doing. Currently putting together the June cover story of AsiaLIFE, and I'll share that once it's published. I also have a few freelance projects I'd like to try to work on.

And, after all of the bitching I've done on this page about there not being anything to do here but get drunk, Saigon's cultural scene is really starting to pick up. There are things going on that I wouldn't have dreamed of in 2010, or even 2012. Loud Minority, a newly-created music promotion group, is bringing several good international acts (Little Barrie, Cub Scouts, Japandroids) to Q4, which I hear is the best music venue in the city. More local bands are popping up as well, and places like Decibel and Saigon Outcast now consistently host interesting, creative events. On June 1st there is even going to be a New Orleans-themed jazz festival. Can't wait to see what that's like. It seems that things really are starting to change here.

So, there it is - my departure date has once again been indefinitely delayed. A few friends are talking about cycling South America in January, so maybe that will be it. I have no idea. I am planning on traveling with my roommate Anthony before he heads back to the U.S. - we're thinking motorbiking in Ha Giang Province and then two weeks in Myanmar, late July/early August. Looking forward to that.

There should less negativity from me moving forward, largely thanks to the above reasons (except for the rain), so let me know what you think. As always if there's something you really want to see discussed or photographed just let me know.


  1. You forgot the most important about Loud Minority: Dengue Fever! In Saigon! Woo!

    1. Saw that today - I've heard good things about them!