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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The 2012 Documentary

I still have a fair bit to cover from the recently completed H2H ride (I am currently lazing about in bed after eating dangerous amounts of food over the past two days). I will post the rest over the next week, including a surreal 12-hour journey into the black hole of Vietnamese police bureaucracy, but right now I'd like to share something that requires less typing.

My friend Joe recently finished editing a film on last year's ride, and it's brought back some amazing memories. Give both parts a watch and let me know what you think. I loved it. (And the soundtrack is killer.)
H2H 2012 Video Diary Part 1 from Joe Piechura on Vimeo.

H2H 2012 Video Diary Part 2 from Joe Piechura on Vimeo.

H2H is also still accepting donations - we've raised around $35,000, and you can donate until the end of May. I need to raise $105 more to reach my goal of $2,000. I am currently sporting a thick one-month beard, and as an incentive I will allow the person whose donation puts me at 2 grand to choose a facial hair style. Photographic evidence will be provided. Donate here: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/michaeltatarski/h2h-charity-bike-ride-2013


  1. God damn, you have such a sexy voice. Please don't leave Vietnam yet. I haven't had the chance to meet you and then marry you.... yet.