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Friday, October 25, 2013

Road trip!

Time for the first major American travel I've done in years.
I doubt this drive will be as eventful as the motorbiking in Ha Giang I did a couple of months ago, but the great thing about road trips is that something unexpected always happens. Really looking forward to this one.


  1. My favourite drive is between Twentynine Palms and Las Vegas via, mostly, side roads; you pass by the Amboy Crater, the Kelso Dunes and drive through the Mojave Desert. It is awesome and I highly recommend it.

    In addition if you are looking for adventure in SoCal: Salton Sea. Anthony Bourdain stopped in at the Ski Inn at Bombay Beach.

    Enjoy the madness of LV; I recommend staying off the strip at The Orleans [just realised how apt that would be].

    You should consider a generic blog using your name; actually a URL and then point blogger to it or if you cannot do so with blogger Tumblr makes it quite simple.

    1. Didn't have enough time to do the Salton Sea as we didn't go that far south, I've seen that Bourdain episode though - looks pretty surreal. Thanks for the tips, I'm actually going to set up a Tumblr today.

  2. Salvation Mountain at Slab city is a nice side trip from the Salton Sea. East Jesus is a great art colony there.