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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Signing off

I've made the big decision to put this blog into retirement, as the name is no longer appropriate to where I am. Fear not, though, as I'm still going to write, except I'm switching to a new platform - Tumblr. Follow the link to the new page and find out what you can expect from it: http://miketatarski.tumblr.com/

I'd like to take this final chance to thank everyone who read this - from those who frequently commented, to the silent types who I know enjoyed it as well. When I began this thing over three years ago I never expected it to get anywhere near this popular. I thought the only readers would be my parents and maybe a few family members or close friends, but I've been contacted by people from all over the world. Of course, it helped that I had an amazing city and country to write about. I am very grateful that so many responded well to what I had to say. I hope that continues in the future. Cheers, ya'll.


  1. HI MIKE! Please count me as one of the thousands of silent ones who enjoyed your journey! I wish you the best of luck and keep on writing!

    Duc from Boston!

  2. Thank you very much Mike.

    - Silent Type, Australia.

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