HCMC Dining Guide

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buy-one-get-one oddities

As annoying as they can be, Vietnamese supermarkets are home to one very amusing thing: the bizarre, idiosyncratic products that are included in buy-one-get-one offers. In most countries, such offers consist of two of the same item. Here, however, you can buy mouthwash and get a tupperware container!
My favorite story related to strange BOGO offers comes from a friend who used to live here - she once bought a cell phone from an electronics shop and received a free frying pan. (I guess supermarkets aren't the only businesses that get in on the game.)

This raises the question of how exactly these disparate products are selected to be paired up. I imagine there is a secret room in the back of every store where a truck unloads its goods, the staff goes crazy throwing everything into a mixed pile, and then they pull out things at random and put them on the shelves together. Sounds like fun.


  1. how is the quality of products bought in Vietnam ? ( toothpaste, toilet paper,coke)

    1. Well Coke is exactly the same anywhere in the world, same goes for any type of mass-produced food or beverage. The quality of the rest of the stuff varies - TP is usually pretty thin, it's no Charmin double-ply, but it works. Most stuff sold at supermarkets is fine, a lot of it is made by the same mega-companies as in the U.S. (Johnson & Johnson, etc.) so quality isn't really an issue. It's a different story at street markets though, a lot of that stuff is just complete crap.