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Thursday, November 27, 2014

How Quickly Things Change

Since I moved back to Saigon in August there's been an empty storefront on the main street I live near. It's rare to have an open space like this stay that way for long, so I was surprised when it went unfilled month after month. The other night when I went to dinner I noticed workers erecting scaffolding around the ground floor, and by the time I came home this signage was up:
'Sap khai truong' = opening soon
In a matter of hours this went from derelict empty space to future outlet of global fast food chain with no warning. This is also further evidence that the Western chains are expanding their reach well outside of the downtown core, unsurprising considering how willing young Vietnamese are to spend money on their food. I'm moving to District 5 this weekend so I won't be around when this Popeye's opens, but I'm going to make a not-so-bold prediction and guess it does quite well here in Binh Thanh.


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    1. I never intended to stay in Binh Thanh for long, and some friends in D5 have an apartment with a room that just opened up. It was no-brianer.