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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

No Cars Go

Last Friday our photographer hosted the AsiaLIFE Christmas party at his apartment in District 2. I intended to take the tunnel home afterwards, but wasn't aware that it closes at 10pm. (I have no idea why this is.) As usual there was no signage indicating this on the road leading to the tunnel, so I didn't realize it was shut until I got to the toll booth and a cop was blocking the way.

Therefore I had to go through the undeveloped part of District 2 to get to one of the bridges over the river. I've been in this area numerous times during the day, but it is downright creepy at night. The neighborhood that used to exist here has been demolished, so there are no lights. Much of the road is gravel and it had rained earlier in the night, so I was splashing through mud all over the place. It's amazing how this pitch-black desolation sits right across the river from the bright lights of downtown. At one point I stopped for a pee and it was utterly silent. I couldn't even see where I was pissing it was so dark. I could've easily been in the middle of the jungle, not a couple miles from the center of a city with a population of over 10 million.
The only company I had was an occasional passing motorbike. This was a more interesting drive home than usual, that's for sure.

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