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Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday rides

Sunday mornings are my only free morning of the week, and instead of sleeping in I use them to get out for long cycles, usually solo but sometimes with a friend. I like riding on Sundays because it is the most quiet day in terms of traffic, and I generally don't have anything to do in the afternoon so I can take as long as I please. After taking a week off from exercise to heal from the motorbike accident I've been hitting the bike and gym hard, as I need to train for H2H and I also want to feel like I deserve the all-you-can-eat-and-drink bonanza that will be my Christmas Day brunch buffet at the New World Hotel.

I generally ride 60-70km on Sundays, although I'm hoping to push that closer 100km in the coming weeks. The hardest part about these rides isn't the distance, it's the heat. Even though it's late December it still gets pretty steamy by mid-day, and if you don't drink a lot you are screwed. My long rides always include climbing over the enormous Phu My bridge and back - far and away the biggest climb in the area. Going up is tough, but going down the other side is a thrill, and the views of the Saigon and Nha Be Rivers are amazing.

Cycling in Saigon can be frustrating at times, but there are some pretty great routes here too.

Here is yesterday's ride as mapped on Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/231320247#_=_


  1. are bicycles allowed on the expressway Mike?( like the new one going to Vung Tau.)

    1. No way, motorbikes aren't even allowed on there. Traffic is way too fast!