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Monday, February 16, 2015

Accidental Staycation

On Friday I managed to pull off a personal first and missed my flight to Hanoi. I gave myself what should have been plenty of time to get to the airport, but traffic was much worse than usual thanks to the upcoming Tet holiday and I had a moronic taxi driver who took the most congested route possible. By the time I arrived at the terminal my flight was already boarding and they wouldn't let me check in. I was pointed towards a desk where I could get on standby, but after walking over and seeing the amorphous blob of humanity (not a line) throwing I.D. cards and shouting at the overwhelmed VietJet staffer I decided it just wasn't worth it. All flights on all airlines to anywhere in the country are sold out until later in the week, and I would be fighting for a seat with people who were desperate to get to their hometown to visit their family for the first time since last Tet. So I walked back outside, got a taxi, and resigned myself to a week in Saigon off of work.

Which isn't actually that bad. Several friends are staying here as well, and starting tomorrow the traffic should really start to slack off as much of the city's population heads to the countryside. So far I've done a lot of cycling - knocked out 107km (66 miles) on Saturday, followed by a visit to Pasteur Street Brewing, which has rapidly become one of my favorite spots in town.

Vanilla porter and Southern-style biscuits and gravy. So good.
 Today I cranked out another 96km on the bike, heading across the Nha Be to Golden Scorpion with a couple of friends.

 Saigon is a riot of color at the moment, as traditional Tet flowers are on sale on seemingly every corner. (I may wander around tomorrow for some pictures.) The canal that runs by my apartment building is busy with boats that have sailed up from the Mekong Delta crammed with flowers and decorative trees as everyone prepares for the Year of the Goat, which begins on Thursday. In the meantime I plan to continue to take advantage of this unexpected staycation by doing a lot of two things: riding and relaxing.


  1. Did you get any refund for your flight? It was nice of you to think of other people by not taking the next flight out. Have fun in Saigon during Tet Mike.

    1. No, you don't get refunds for missing a flight.