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Monday, February 2, 2015

Golden Scorpion

Yesterday morning I took a break from binge-watching the first season of Broadchurch (can't recommend it enough) to cycle to Golden Scorpion (or Bo Cap Vang in Vietnamese) with a couple of friends/H2H riders. Located in the countryside south of the city across the Nha Be River, Golden Scorpion features a lake, water slides and pavilions where you can eat or laze in hammocks.

The ride out there is great, with the congestion and high-rises of the city disappearing as soon as you cross the broad waterway on the Cat Lai ferry. I always enjoy being on the river, even if it's only for a couple of minutes.
 After disembarking from the ferry it's an easy ride through small-town Vietnam before you eventually turn right onto a lovely country road hemmed in by verdant rice paddies.

 Since it was a Sunday, the place was packed with groups of young Vietnamese, so it wasn't exactly the most relaxing time, but it's still great to get away from the madness of Saigon for a while.
Golden Scoprion
The ride back was hot but pleasant - the dry season is firmly entrenched and there's barely a cloud in the sky most days. After zipping along we crossed the river back into the city and returned to the smog. 70 kilometers of riding all told, and it was lovely day.
Chris & Chris

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  1. Broadchurch is so good! The Doctor and Rory (albeit wrong doctor) are reunited and it's so good and so cringe-worthy. Like..could Rory really kill a child?!

    What's the last day to donate? I want to do, but can't until my next paycheck comes through.

    1. I don't actually watch Dr. Who so I don't know who Rory is. We take donations until the end of May so there's a lot of time left.