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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Many Bottled Water Brands of Northern Vietnam

I was going through pictures from H2H on my phone the other day and came across the collection of curiously-named bottled water I amassed in the northern part of the country. This was one of the more humorous things I remembered from previous rides - it seems as though every province up north has its own home-grown ripoff of Aquafina. The names are nonsensical and often hilarious. Down south nearly every shop has the real deal, but for whatever reason it's a different story up there. I imagine the company's legal department could have a field day if they came across this. I now present 'The Many Bottled Water Brands of Northern Vietnam.'

Little did we know that Deadmaus has a relative in the bottled water business.

When in doubt just add a glacier and a bald eagle.
This last picture is something I simply forgot to share: an incredible purse spotted at a shop in the tiny town of Quy Dat, nestled amidst the rice paddies and epic limestone karsts of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Rural Vietnam is chock-full of intriguing wonders, both natural and man-made.

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