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Friday, March 11, 2016

Marina Bay Sands

This week I had the incredible opportunity to spend two nights at the mind-blowing Marina Bay Sands hotel in downtown Singapore. I've dreamed of staying there ever since I first visited Singapore way back in 2010 and was awed by the striking complex. Given its very luxurious reputation I never actually thought I'd be able to stay in a room, but I returned this afternoon from a press trip to cover the opening of a museum exhibition (which I'll discuss in another post), which included accommodation at the Sands. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves here, as the hotel defies simple explanation with words. Its calling card is the 57th-floor infinity pool, which stretches across the top of the three hotel towers and overlooks the financial district. It is jaw-dropping. The overall architecture ain't too shabby, either. See for yourself.
Gardens by the Bay. In the background are dozens of ships waiting to use the busiest port in the world.

More to come on my fifth visit to Singapore soon.

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